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I need to get some charms and I want to work on Vile Grandmasters. I'm struggling to find a good spawn of them. Which location is best? I'm preferably looking for a large number of Vile Grandmasters. Thank you :)

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I would recommend hunting the cults in Carlin (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Cults_of_Tibia_Quest/Spoiler#Zathroth_Remnants_.28Humans.29) until you unlock everything there except for Cult Scholars because there are only a few of them located on the last floor. There are a few Vile Grandmaster on the second floor of this spawn.

I would then shift to Old Fortress and finish Vile Grandmaster/Hero there. If you hunting on rapid respawn you can just run between the bottom 3 rooms on -3 and finish them very quickly. (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Mapper?coords=130.43-123.126-10-4-1-1)

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The only location where i found them was on hero on old fortress, Edron. Pretty good place for hunt and bestiary for: Hero, Bonebeast, Vile Grandmaster, Undead Gladiator and also there is few: Necromancer, Blood Priestess, Lich and few other "human" bestiary charms
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best place to do the vile grandmaster bestiary is in cults of tibia carlin, you also do some more bestiary while doing vile grand master 

the link of wikia for the hunt is this: