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Some creatures in Tibia apparently spawn when it's night and some during the day. So this would mean it only appears at night and will vanish during the day or vice versa. Can you create a list of creatures that have this spawning mechanism and tell me if it's day or night when they spawn?

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During the day in Feyrist on the surface:

Faun and Pooka

During the night in Feyrist on the surface:

Dark faun, Twisted Pooka, and Boogy

The Dark Faun and Twisted Pooka can be also found during the day inside a cave in Feyrist

Thais museum creatures also can spawn only during the night:

(Animated) Rotworm, Mummy, Cyclops, Stone Golem, Clomp, Ogre Shaman, Ogre Brute, Ogre Savage, Stone Rhino and Guzzlemaw

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I would also add:

Hibernal Moth during the night in Court of Winter 

Lacewing Moth during the day in Court of Summer 

They can be also be tamed so you can use them as mounts! smiley