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Looking to learn more about the Lore of the game, I'd like to know what is the connection among these three Orders? Are there are any clues about another Orders around Tibia?
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I edited. Just fixed some of the spelling. Didn't touch the last four words of the question without your permission. Are you asking for information about other Orders  apart from the Lion, Cobra and Falcon Orders?

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The first to be released by cipsoft was the falcon order, in the books found in falcon bastion it talk about lion order and cobra order, also  Scarlett Etzel.gifand Galthen are related, if you broke a The Cobra Amulet.gif in a ankrahmun tumb you get aNote About Two Souls.gif  and tells you changed the history betwen the 2, the 3 order are conected, about other orders i didnt heard about any other order around the books in tibia.