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Since I used to play only on non-PvP servers I wonder how does Twist of Fate work?

All I know is that it is somehow related to PvP, but I'll be thankful for explaining it :)

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The Twist of Fate is a special blessing also known as PvP blessing. It does not prevent you from losing your equipment nor reduces your experience and skill loss, however it protects your regular blessings, in case you die due to PvP fight. Likewise, if you die in PVP wearing an Amulet of Loss, you will only lose Twist of Fate. Please note, this blessing won't work if you have a red or black skull, however, such characters will not lose a charge of their PvP blessing upon death.


Until level 120 the price is the same as the other regular blessings for your level. That means 2,000 gold coins if you are below level 30 and an additional 200 gold coins for each level above 30, up to a maximum of 50,000 gold coins at level 270.

 When the Twist of Fate will be used?

When you die, at least 5% of the damage dealt within the last 5 minutes, or the last fatal strike must have been made by a character or its summons. If that criterion is fulfilled and you have the Twist of Fate, you will only lose the Twist of Fate blessing. All other blessings and AoL will stay. If you bought the Twist of Fate blessing but do not have any regular blessings and no AoL then you will not lose the Twist of Fate either. And finally, if you die to monsters, then you’ll lose all regular blessings but this one stays. 

If a character has all five blessings and the Twist of Fate blessing, they will not lose any equipment if they die in a PvP fight.

Where the Twist of Fate can be bought?

You can get the Twist of Fate at any temple NPC. You can only buy it, however, if you have at least one other regular blessing.

Note: When you have an AoL in your backpack it is possible to buy the Twist of Fate without having the other blessings.

*You can also purchase Twist of Fate in the Store with Tibia Coins.




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When you buy it, it will protect all your regular blessings and your Amulet of Loss only when you die in a PvP battle. If you die by monsters, it will not protect you. 

You can buy it in every temple and its cost is base on price of regular blessings, with de max value being 50k at level 270. And it cannot be buyed in Retro Open-PvP servers 

Source of Brazilian TibiaWiki: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/B%C3%AAn%C3%A7%C3%A3os#Twist_of_Fate

asked Jul 2, 2020 by (5,532 points) On which kind of server can I buy Twist of Fate?