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Backstory: One thing that has always held me back in the world of Tibia is my attention span of not being able to grind for long periods, sometimes not even making a sizable dent into my rested stamina bonus.  As long as I had a quest or a goal I would be fine though so the addition of the "Killing in the name of" quest was a godsend for my gaming experience. Although even so it was still very limited with some monsters not being that easy to focus on or running out of options before I leveled to the next bracket of the quest.  That's when CIPSoft answered my prayers one more time, they added an awesome bestiary to the game that added countless more goals for me to finish.  A new character, a new challenge was recently started by myself.  To level completely based on the goal of completing the bestiary 100%, not leaving the spawn until my log is complete. 


I know the major reward from completely monsters in each section that they rewarded charm points that could be used to unlock charms that can be used as boosts against monsters that you have fully unlocked in the section which leads up to the final question.

Someone told me that there were titles about each section but is it worth it after unlocking the three charms you need for your character? 

"What additional rewards can be unlocked through the Bestiary? Is there a reward for 100% completion, collecting every charm, etc? Finally, does the loot tables on each monster get unlocked from looting the item or just from passing the three stages?"


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Specifically for getting 100% in the bestiary you will gain the title "Executioner". Along the way you will also get the following titles for unlocking each class:

Death from BelowUnlocked all Bird Bestiary entries.
DemonatorUnlocked all Demon Bestiary entries.
DragonslayerUnlocked all Dragon Bestiary entries.
ElementalistUnlocked all Elemental Bestiary entries.
ExterminatorUnlocked all Vermin Bestiary entries.
Fey SwatterUnlocked all Fey Bestiary entries.
GhosthunterUnlocked all Undead Bestiary entries.
HandymanUnlocked all Construct Bestiary entries.
HuntsmanUnlocked all Mammal Bestiary entries.
Interdimensional DestroyerUnlocked all Extra Dimensional Bestiary entries.
ManhunterUnlocked all Human Bestiary entries.
Master of IllusionUnlocked all Magical Bestiary entries.
Ooze BluesUnlocked all Slime Bestiary entries.
Sea BaneUnlocked all Aquatic Bestiary entries.
Snake CharmerUnlocked all Reptile Bestiary entries.
TumblerUnlocked all Giant Bestiary entries.
WeedkillerUnlocked all Plant Bestiary entries.

Note: These titles are all temporary, if CIP releases new creatures in that particular category you will no longer have the title

Also, along the way you will unlock the following achievements:

Hunting PermitObtainable by fully unlocking any monster in the Cyclopedia.
Little AdventureObtainable by unlocking 10 easy monsters in the Cyclopedia.
Little Big AdventureObtainable by unlocking 100 easy monsters in the Cyclopedia.
ContenderObtainable by unlocking 10 medium monsters in the Cyclopedia.
Serious ContenderObtainable by unlocking 100 medium monsters in the Cyclopedia.
Skilled HunterObtainable by unlocking 10 hard monsters in the Cyclopedia.
Master HunterObtainable by unlocking 100 hard monsters in the Cyclopedia.