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I've heard some cities can have boosted or improved respawn, how do you know if a city has their respawn increased?

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my method is to check the map inside the game in the cyclopedia, and give a quick look around improved respawn goes by city so is not that long to find out there can be the case that none is improved


 in the option section the one on yellow here you have to click there then this will open up and you will have to click on the tap with a paper in ti

After this just look around if any city is booster, there wasnt any in my server so coudnt show you but when it does around that city will show a goblin with a yellow circle around him

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i guess whenever you have where it shows the goblin picture you can always add it in future, thank you :)
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The picture of the goblin will be overlayed below the name of the subarea of the area that is boosted. So form example. if Carlin is boosted, when you zoom-in to "Fields of Glory" it will have the image of the Goblin below the "Fields of Glory" label on the Cyclopedia map itself.