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Sometimes when I logon the Store button has yellow around it and is highlighted for me to click on it. Is there anyway to stop this from being highlighted when I logon? And why does it do this? The reason why it bothers me is because I don't like anything highlighted there, because my eyes get drawn to it and it is rather annoying to keep clicking on it.
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This is the question of my life rsrs, I hate it.

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Well it definitely highlights to draw your attention to it as a very simple market tool. Even if you don't like it you have to admit, it does catch your eye. That's what Cipsoft wants because its one of the ways they make revenue, which leads to the first part. I can almost guarantee there is no legal way to turn it off because it leads to one of Cipsoft's revenue streams, so why would they allow it to be turned off.

Maybe if you suggested to them a feature (bought with Tibia Coins) where you could pay to turn it off. Otherwise there is no reason for them to allow it.

Just look at it as a little chore you do when logging on, like collecting your reward but less rewarding