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I was wondering what NPC's would damage the player if certain words are used to activate the attack. I currently know of two NPC's which have this feature.

1: King Tibianus - If you 'swear' at this NPC, his guards will attack you leaving you with 1 hp.

2: A Wrinkled Bonelord - If you say 'Blinky' to him he will burn you.

Are these the only NPC's which have this feature? If not, what are the others?

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There are a lot of such NPCs. Some will attack you after saying one word. Others will attack you only after you have had a proper conversation. Below is a list of NPCs with this mechanics that I know.

  • A Wrinkled Bonelord 

  • Adrenius 

  • Alwin 

  • Arnold 

  • Baa'Leal 

  • Bambi Bonecrusher 

  • Barbara 

  • Baxter 

  • Blossom Bonecrusher 

  • Bunny Bonecrusher 

  • Busty Bonecrusher 

  • Chester Kahs 

  • Christoph 

  • Dabui 

  • Daniel Steelsoul 

  • Demonguard 

  • Falk 

  • Fenbala 

  • Frok, The Guard 

  • Grof, The Guard 

  • Harkath Bloodblade 

  • Harsky 

  • Hemor, The Guard

  •  Humnog, The Guard 

  • Jean Claude 

  • Kazzan 

  • Kihil, The Guard 

  • Kulag, The Guard 

  • Lugri 

  • Markwin 

  • Morun 

  • Rachel 

  • Shauna 

  • Stutch 

  • Sylvester 

  • Tim, The Guard 

  •   Walter, The Guard

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Above and beyond my expectations, I will check these NPC's out. Thanks mate :)
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I know Queen Eloise, located at Carlin. If you ofend her (saying Fuck for example) her guards will attack you leving you with 1 HP only.
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I didn't know about her, nice! I wonder if there are any more NPC's out there.