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I remember when Tibia turned 15, and my friends killed the boss and got the rewards, and the wonderful one (Chayenne's Magical Key).

As I was at work, I didn't have the pleasure of meeting boos!

Many players like me, yearn for (Chayenne's Magical Key) to complete Chayenne's Realm Quest and get the respectable rewards including Music Box.

Actually it is difficult to see the Key on the Markets on the servers or even with friends of the game, when I managed to find it on the Market ... it was for 90kk =)

I wonder if the boss will appear again (Ex Tibia 25 YEARS)


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Probably the boss won’t appear again because Chayenne were a boss of a CM and she is no longer part of the cipsoft team, and it’s quite common to them to make items obtainable for a short time and make them unobtainable after that time...

But it’s nothing 100% confirmed yet, only cipsoft knows about future events and returning bosses ;)

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I remember that event, I was playing Tibia then. unfortunately I had no idea about precious objects, I wasn't interested in such events. I remember that I had a golden bug figurine, but it was stolen from me. Chayenne was used in this event as it is no longer working for cipsoft. it was the last quest she created herself as a souvenir. I think it will never be possible to get this key again.