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Hi there! Today I was using backpack imbued with powerful featherweight. I felt really disappointed when I put my imbued backpack to the depot and then put out of it my main backpack. The whole loot management was messed completely so I had to fix my loot management from scratch. How Can I prevent this in the future? Thanks in advance!
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Did you stand next to the depot chest all the time? Cuz if you did, it shouldn't be messed.

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That is pretty simple, just drop your backpack at your feet. I use tod o it during the hunts when my cap finish, I just throug my main bp at my feet after I equipt the imbued bp I put the main bp inside the imbued bp without any problem.
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Well, I tested it by myself today.

I put backpack with assigned loot containers into the Depo (let me call it "main backpack"), then put imbued backpack into my backpack slot, and finally put "main backpack" into imbued backpack. Sounds complicated, but it's really easy.

Then I took of imbued backpack with the main backpack inside and put in one of my Depo chests. Put my main backpack in the backpack slot and imbued backpack stayed in Depo chest.

I had no problems with any mess and loot managments.