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I would like to know a list of Amulets and Rings that I should avoid to use until the end in order to  sell or use it in another situation. For example:

  • Dwarven RingDwarven Rings you can use to travel with Buddel Buddel at Svargrond ferry, using the ring you will be sure to travel the place you want.

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Ring of Blue Plasma.gifRing of Green Plasma.gifRing of Red Plasma.gifon npc  Fadil.gif in darashia for 8k each

Collar of Blue Plasma.gifCollar of Green Plasma.gifCollar of Red Plasma.gif on npc  Fadil.gif in darashia for 6k each

Sword Ring.gifClub Ring.gifAxe Ring.gifon npc Haroun.gif  for 100 gp each

Stealth Ring.gif on npc Haroun.gif for 200 gp each

also he buy Garlic Necklace.gif 50 gp and Elven Amulet.gif 100 gp and Stone Skin Amulet.gif 500 gp