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What happens when you are "black skulled"? What would be the disadvantages in details after you get this penalty?
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Black skulls will appear when a player kills double the amount of players needed to attain a red skull. This is used as a replacement of the old 30-day ban for "Excessive unjustified player killing.

A player gets a black skull if they kill:

  • Six or more unmarked characters in one day (24 hours),
  • Ten or more unmarked characters in one week (7 days), or
  •  Twenty or more unmarked characters in one month (30 days)

When a player has a black skull they will no longer be able to attack an unmarked player - that is any player without a skull. In addition to this, a black-skulled player may not use area Attack Spells and Attack Runes (i.e. Hell's Core, Explosion, etc.), as well as Burst or Diamond Arrows to prevent black skulls from killing unmarked players indirectly. They also cannot summon or convince creatures, or use Undead Legion or strike spells (i.e. Energy Strike) which are not aimed at a target.

A black skull will remain on a character for a total of 45 days. Whenever a black-skulled character is killed, he/she will respawn in temple with 40 hitpoints and 0 mana. Black-skulled character, like a red-skulled, who dies will drop all items regardless of whether they have blessings or wear an Amulet of Loss. Black-skulled character will receive 100% damage in PvP combat instead of 50%.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Skull_System#Black_Skull

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"image Black Skulls
imageCharacters with a red skull that keep killing or assisting the killing of other characters unjustified, will receive a black skull once their bar of the unjustified points widget has filled up. As a rule of thumb, this happens when the value for the following kills has been reached. Please keep in mind that the percentage of unjustified points you receive for an unjustified kill depends on the fighting situation and on your way of participating in the fight:

imageimage 6 or more unmarked characters in 24 hours,
imageimage 10 or more unmarked characters in 7 days or
imageimage 20 or more unmarked characters in 30 days.

Black skulls last for 45 days. If you receive further unjustified points during these 45 days, the black skull mark is reset to 45 days. Just like a character with a red skull, a character with a black skull drops all items in case of death. In addition, characters marked with a black skull cannot attack any unmarked characters. So be careful, if you attack several characters when having a red skull, and then one of these characters dies and your red skull turns black, you will no longer be able to attack the characters you have attacked before. As you have attacked these characters first, they will also not get a yellow skull. This effect will stay for as long as you have a battle sign.
Furthermore, characters with a black skull cannot choose the expert mode "Red Fist". Also, characters with a black skull will receive 100% instead of 50% of the dealt damage in PvP fights. Finally, if a character with a black skull dies, he will awake in the temple with 40 hit points and 0 mana." Quoted from Tibia Manual