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What would be the best first charm for a lvl 150 paladin planning on doing his first aoe diamond arrow+san+avalanche/gfb solo hunts?

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I personally get wound and... I personally didnt see the dofferenece cause when i get bestiary i started hunting in another location :).

If dominando and got cash - freeze and lava lurkers.

If playing th - get freeze/zap

For solo plays - idk, depends on hunting spot
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I recommend you to unlock Dodge, even you not suposu to hunt making full box this is the best option to help you for a safe hunt.
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Overall for starter paladins ( diamond arrow or not) i would recomend Wound, the reason for that is almost every monster that paladins hunt is weak vs Physical Damage and the wound rune is cheaper than the others, my sequence for starters would be wound> freeze or zap those 3 will be usefull in solo and also in team hunt