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Hi guys, I am interested in farming my PACC with a RP 150 (Dist: 100, Ml: 20), I would like to know what things you recommend me to do. (The price of the TC in my server is around 30)

Edit 1: I have like 3-5 hrs per day.
Edit 2: I'm not only interested in hunting, it can be Daily Tasks, Bosses, etc.

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1- Task of Warzones (4, 5 and 6) to get Surprise Jar. (+- 25 minutes).
2- Do the Warzones (1, 2 and 3) if your server do it. (+- 30 minutes).
3- Daily Bosses like: KroazurBlack VixenSharpclaw, ShadowpeltBloodbackDarkfang, Lloyd, Urmahlullu the Weakened. (+- 1.5 hours).
4- Check the market (Prices) and go farm Creature Products like Elven Hoof or Bonelord Eye. (All time you want or can).

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At Your lvl it will be way easier to hunt just for imbuing items. For Your lvl the best will be rope belts (cults ankrahmun), elven hoofs (carlin), elvish talsiman + scouting glass + green dragon leather (yalahar elves), piece of death brain (bonelord cave on liberty bay) depending on world - Gloom wolf fur.

About bosses:

Warzones 1-3 realy worthy its ~200k of cash per day - that means its nearly paying off for next pacc after 30days at Your server

Urma - if You dont have friends who will allow You to go woth them (Youre low lvl) it's waste of time looking for a team.

Krazaur - the loot is not satysfaing in compare to time You need to reach him.

Were bosses - only black voxen is worth hunting (ahe drops item needed to taunt manta ray).