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In the character auction settings it says one of the qualifications (the last one) and I just need to clarify what this exactly means?

  • The character may not be connected to a special account status

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Damn good question. Ive looked into this and its really hard to pin down an answer +1
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I believe it's about CM and Cipsoft members account, or any other condition similar to that.

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Cipsoft will remove the requirement, "special account status" as it doesn't pertain to character auctions. It's deemed a "technical remnant" Here's an official reply-

So, I have checked back on that and tutors do not have a "special account status", meaning they can sell their characters. This line in the requirements is a technical remnant which, as it stands, will be removed. Sorry about the confusion!

Source- https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39015242#post39015242