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With every new update, new areas and quests are bought into the game. They are quickly discovered and solved. My question is whether there is any proof or indication that in these updates there are secret quests, like the quests of old?

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Simple example is recent discovery of The Hungerer! Tibiabosses wrote the article about this boss- which was not very known till now (for many years !). 

It is like with movies- there is a lot of spoilers, but some details are to be kept in 100% secrecy and employers sometimes are forced to signed clause to do not disclose specific information's, or they are excluded from specific projects 

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This is a great example of a boss (but not a quest) that hasn't been brought up to my attention at least until I read the article. I didn't even know he existed.
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There is an indication that they at least care about those secrets because they have published a few articles about the more sought after ones "Like the Serpentine must fall" popular article. Also, they do update older quests to be solvable in case they were formerly incomplete, long story short is that there is no definitive proof, but surely an indicator that there are some incomplete quests floating around, some might be solvable, others, not.
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Does Cipsoft still bring secret quests into the game?

"Well, I could probably go on and on, but you know, the most important thing with secrets is ... secrecy. ;o)" - Knightmare Source: Feb 05 2014 - Knightmare Stories IV. - The Secret of Secrets

I recommend you read Knightmare's article on The Secret of Secrets. It's an article that talks about the evolution of quests in Tibia. I know Cipsoft doesn't like to confirm nor deny anything currently as it's against their policy. This is what they tell me when I email them and try to get detailed information on anything.

Keep in mind The Opticording Sphere Quest is a great example of a quest where players were stumped for years. The interesting thing about this quest is that as the game went on, it appeared updates brought more attention to it. Actually, there were even hints about it on the website, using the first picture in the article, Venore Shines in a New Light. Just before the image changes it shows you flowers which are a hint at one of the missions where you actually have to mess with your light settings in the game to complete a mission. This was discovered years after this image was published. This is just one example. Another interesting piece of information is Mirade mentions the word Zoralurk as an example of a hint probably to The Opticording Sphere Quest in the thread referring to Knightmares article, The Secret of Secrets.

 I also wanted to include a quote from Mirade back in 2014. I know this isn't a present quote, but I feel like it's still valid and maybe can still be used as confirmation (I will try to find something more recent on secrets that don't just flat out say yes and no. But just know Mirade said unsolved riddles which is plural so maybe there's hope!)

"There are still unsolved riddles in Tibia and, of course, there are also urban legends. With enough imagination, almost anything can be interpreted as a clue for something else so naturally there will always be more legends than real secrets. Yet, such user-generated lore and stories are also very important for Tibia. Revealing which stories are mere legends and which are really part of unsolved riddles might spare people from investing time into something that doesn't have a solution. However, it would also impede the creative and imaginative process since there would be no room anymore for legends to evolve and flourish among players: "This locked door, maybe we can open it if we ..." - "No, CipSoft said that there's nothing behind it." --- "Hey, this dungeon somehow looks like an animal maybe it hints at..." - "No, CipSoft said that there's nothing behind it." --- "I'm sure there's a way to reach..." - "No, CipSoft said that there's nothing behind it." --- "Let's go on an expedition together to find new clues to solve..." - "No, CipSoft said that there's nothing behind it." etc.

Part of the magic of mysteries comes from believing rather than knowing that something really exists. Tibia offers different kinds of content. There are standard quests where hardly any mystery and secrecy is involved. A quest log entry confirms its existence and you know that some kind of reward awaits you in the end. However, such quests often lack a bit of the charm that mysteries offer, stories that you hear without knowing if there's really a deeper meaning to them or if they are just legends. Investing time in searching for clues and solutions is a risk since you don't know if it will pay off in the end. Not all people see the journey as a reward, they want some kind of guarantee that there is a destination to reach and some kind of reward to gain before devoting their time to it. If someone doesn't want to invest time in researching the unknown, though, he can stick to the standard quests, those that are known and confirmed. However, there are others who are ready to take the risk and step into the unknown without a material reward in sight. No matter if they research a secret with a real quest behind or an urban legend, they create meaning through their endeavours and by telling stories about their investigations. That's something we truly appreciate because it enriches the Tibian universe. We don't want to take this away by making it all fact based." -Mirade Source: Official CM reply

Lady S., If you are not doing it already, please consider writing professionally essays & dissertations for uni students- considering your amazing research with critic eye and deep “digging” into the subject :)
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Thank you! I am not a perfect writer or researcher I always find things to improve on after I read it a couple of times. Thank you for your kind words, but Id like to give credit to Knightmare and Mirade. When I work in real life (and on my personal computer) I always have TibiaQA on one monitor its turned into a habit.