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We always hear rumors about the basilisk, the serpentine tower, white dress, native armor, yol's bow, and other supposedly unobtainable rare ones. Are these items really unobtainable or are there some quests that have not yet been discovered?
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Unfortunately no, as the Knightmare himself said in an interview years ago (Knightmare is the head behind all the lore, secrets and puzzles of tibia)

"The vast majority of quests as such have already been discovered"

But here is the interesting part, let's understand quests like the ones that appear in our character's quest log, for example, Inquisition, Poi, etc, that quest have a quest log, BUT, for example, the items this ones:

  <-------------------------(Daily spawn of a Spike Sword)

<-------------------------(Spike Sword """QUEST""")

As you can guess, these are not quests. Because they don't have a quest log (This is how Tibia say that something is  a quest or not). but if you are thinking in "unobtainable" items uff.. MAI FRIEND, we need to talk.

  <--- THIIIS photo changed everything

The impaler () its a rare loot from bosses like Ferumbras BUT this was the only impaler (what do we know) that was looted by this boss, after 13 years that Mr Punish was added, (1787) Mr Punish were killed since 2015 so, we can assume that that about 5.000 or 10.000 Mr Punish were killed and the impaler can be a 1/5.000 drop or 1/10.000 drop

Asmunrah4 years passed until someone loot the Holy Scarab

15 years passed until we saw a picture of someone dropping a bunnyslippers 

And what happen if I told you that there are bosses who haven't killed more than 30 times? (Like the Hive bosses)

So I can assure you one thing, there are hundreds of mysteries out there, It depends on us, the players to discover them, I have discovered things that I have never seen in any wikia, so if your interest is in those old and new secrets that tibia offers , make a cup of coffee and get ready to read forgotten books and do theories

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Hmm. This looks familiar. :)