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We see a lot of quests and how to solve them but... are there any queststhat haven't been discovered how to solved it yet?

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I think on:

  • Serpentine Tower.
  • Basilisk (Its NPC, but too many people say it are part of unknow quest).
  • Desert Quest (Have some leaver who nobody can use).
  • Spike Sword, the Dragons traped on the north of the main room.
  • Lvl 999 island.
  • Spike Sword on Rookgaard.
  • Troll Lady (Elvenhair rope).
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I honestly don't believe it anymore. For a while I thought some quests hadn't yet been discovered but now I think all the 'unsolved' quest are just unfinished quests!
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Yes there is many quests without an end and lots of places that might become part of a quest some day but most is of it is just mysteries created by players...
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In my opinion, there aren't unsolved quests. They are simply added without taking into account the purpose, for the curiosity of the game's history and are never intended to be completed. smiley example banuta +999 and spike sword quest.

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Mysterious ornate chest -  this quest is discovered all the time, and there is no end :P