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I'm doing bestiary of the boss Crystal Wolf which appears during the Thornfire World Change. I had the opportunity to kill four times, but there was still fire and I spent more time extinguishing and it didn't come out. My question is if there's a limit for the boss to appear?
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I changed 'Crystal Wolf' to 'Thornfire Wolf' in the title for clarity because its the Thornfire wolf that spawns, that you can then make into a Crystal Wolf

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Ive had the Thornfire Wolf  spawn as little as twice and as many as four times when putting out fires in Shadowthorn during the World Change. During these times there has been no one else there. Because of this I make the assumption that every time you put out a fire it gives a small percentage chance that the Thornfire Wolf spawn occurs.

This would mean that there is no limit to how many times it could spawn. You could get very lucky and have it spawn more often, or very unlucky and not have it spawn at all.

This is just from my observation of course. I cant find any useful stats on their appearance/spawning

Hope this helps