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As some of you might know, years ago there was no bonuses to characters as "adventurer blessing" or "bonus exp till lvl 50"

What other new things have been added as "buff" to new characters in the past 10 years?
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im confused by your question because your saying whats the differences between the old and recent character's bonus. well the difference is there wasn't one which is answered in your question. i think your question should be changed to, "What benefits do new characters have?" please change it if this isn't what you meant.

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Tutorial in Dawnport-

  • Helps you learn how to play Tibia
  • Gives you a starting set 

Experience Boost-

  • Characters under level 50 receive an experience boost/bonus. The bonus they receive decreases with every level they gain.


  • Pilgrimage of the Ashes (Reward: All blessings with 1,000 gold discount (once only), 20 platinum coins for characters under level 25)

Adventurer's Blessing-

  • Characters on open PvP game worlds up to level 20 are automatically protected by the Adventurer's Blessing. You can easily see if your character is protected by this blessing by the little ankh shown in your inventory. Further, your character's inventory will be displayed in yellow. If your character dies in a PvP fight being protected by this blessing, your character will not lose any items, experience and skill points. But beware! As soon as your character attacks another character first or reaches level 21 for the first time, the blessing will be lost for good.
  • Any items lost upon death will remain with the body of the deceased character and can be looted by any player who happens to find it. In case a character has lost its bag or backpack after death, it will receive an empty bag in the container slot.
  • Characters up to level 8 will never lose items upon death.


  • Mark locations on your Tibia map (depot, bank, shops, etc) or tell you where to go if you say information
  • Escort you to the depot if you're below level 10
  • Talk about world status (Not so helpful for noobies, but worth it)


  • Recruit your friends or bring back a buddy to earn an outfit, loyalty points, or extra premium time.
  • Your friend will get a rented horse if invited as a new player to use on the first 3 characters on the account within the first 7 days after the account creation. A rented horse is a mount, which gives you +10 speed boost.

Loyalty Points

  • Every premium day equals on loyalty point which gives you skill bonuses. Takes some time to earn, but I wanted to mention this although it's really not targeted for newcomers. Please click the link for more details, this gives you a reason to continue to purchase premium time for sure.

Offline Training

  • Really beneficial for newcomers as you can use a statue or a bed to offline train to increase skills. The higher the skill (also level) the more damage you do. Definitely helps you hunt.

(Please note, some of what I have mentioned was longer than 10 years ago, for example, the quest I mentioned. Didn't know if I should mention the offline training and loyalty points as this is for all players not just new. I just thought I'd include it because it is noteworthy. Let me know if you want me to get rid of anything. A lot of things in Tibia are newer and definitely make things easier for newcomers, none the less.)

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my edit was just for a missed word 'boost/bonus'.