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Upon receiving forging the item, we might receive additional surprise benefits. As Cipsoft wrote “ "We monitor the current usage of the system closely, and we are satisfied with the results. The necessary cost for upgrading items meets our expectations. Some of you can already call themselves the proud owners of a tier 3 item, and some players might have already discovered that using the forge may yield a pleasant surprise at times."’

What are those and can they also happen during fail of the forge?

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‘ Stroke of luck” might appear during successful forge. It is rare event and benefits might include one of the following:

- it might not consume dusts;

- It might not consume Core’s;

- It might not consume GP;

- It might not consume second item (or tier will not be reduced) 

The item also might not be consumed when forging is failed with items 0 tier when opting for 50% tier loss which costs one Core. 

Based on video and comments by Zarakso: https://youtu.be/idm60um8WIw


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I wonder how often this happens :o
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Keeping your dust is rare but happened like 2 times to me with 10 tries
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@Shawtay- it is quiet rare. I managed to do 5 successful forges, and did not receive any of those bonuses...