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Knight has terrible skills since it was created 1.5-2 weeks ago and the druid is just there to sio since we can't share.

What would be the best spawns(pref more than 1) for high exp/h? Waste is w/e as we're trying to get to shared asap.

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It wouldn't be so hard to just go to Sea Serpent Area. That's a solid place to exp for knights and with a druid healing you can use Utito Tempo.

Alternatively, Hero Cave is alright in my opinion (except for Hero's those guys are assholes against physical and what not.) I can't really think of any other places, haven't played Tibia for like  6 months :(
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I'd second the Sea Serpents since they are weak to physical and you can deal good damage even with weak skills. Try to max your skills (use rings, utito tempo, etc.) to kill them more quickly and therefore get more exp/h
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Sea Serpents is good idea if the sio can heal you, you can get 4-6 mobs and kill it fast. Also do the task.

Hero Fortress, Frost Dragons, Highs Class Lizzards, Chossens can work too.