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I was tasking on Ice Golems and long and behold, the Man in the Cave spawned while I was in the cave! I just want to know, does a Monk spawn where you get roped by the Man in the Cave? Or is this just a rare occurrence of a spawn radius making the Monk spawn on the hole dropping down to where the Ice Golems are? 

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I asked something similar few weeks ago, it happened with me but I didn't have the print. Usually no Monks appear at this place, only where the boss is. What I believe that happened is that this particular Monk appeared exactly at the hole, making him to be with Ice Golems. Similar things can happen with Zulazza.

Edit: This was my question https://www.tibiaqa.com/20103/possible-man-the-cave-appear-exactly-the-hole-and-together-with-ice-golems
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Hey thanks i didnt see your question so thanks for adding it. Would my question be considered a duplicate? I don't think so but its weird you had the same experience lol!
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I also don't think so, it's different things that merge on the same answer. I found Man In The Cave twice, and the first time everything was normal with all Monks together with the boss. And thank you for adding your print to my question.