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What monster is the hardest one to complete the bestiary and to get the charm points from?

Is there some monsters that are almost impossible to get done?
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Ah, there was some really good answers in those posts. Even tho some of those are really not needed to be on rapid spawn. But also that does not really answer my question. But I do really thank you for that comment and the lists. It will help me in my search for hard charm points, also it will help me sort out some that I dont want to do right now :)

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Well since i see no interest on making a good answer and finally i got plenty of time to get to it here is my answer, i will clasify them on 7 categories from most dificult to less dificult 
1: -- Because they are strong creature that run away and need high level team to kill them

Capricious Phantom
Distorted Phantom
Infernal Phantom
Mould Phantom
Vibrant Phantom

2: -- Because they are strong creature that need high level team to kill them

Many Faces
Infernal Demon
Bony Sea Devil
Turbulent Elemental
Courage Leech
Cloak of Terror
Knight's Apparition
Paladin's Apparition
Sorcerer's Apparition
Druid's Apparition
Branchy Crawler
Rotten Golem

3:-- Because of their super rare spawn
Midnight Panther
Crustacea Gigantica
Dire Penguin

4: -- Because there are not many to kill and need to wait for them to respawn (Time required to complete is really high)

Filth Toad (every 20 minutes apears one or something like that)
Lost Exile

Infected Weeper
Nomad (blue)

5: -- Because they need to be done in team due the high hp and debuff they give
Sight of Surrender (to do them fast you need a team of at least 5 with 2 eds level 300 average and open their cave on roshamuul by doing the task of the butterfly)

6: -- Because they run away and hit hard but can be done in team after few hunts
True Frost Flower Asura
Cursed Prospector
Evil Prospector

7:-- Because you need to live with what you have done 

Source: Own Experience and https://tibiadraptor.com/bestiary

Image due poor quality: https://imgur.com/a/KTT6vzp

if there are any sugestion i will glady make and update 

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10? i didnt know that i though there were only 3 xd elf overseer not sure if should add them since they will always spawn after the shadowtown fire event
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Yeah, right, but on a crowded servers ALWAYS there are few people already there and a lot of time you just log in 0,001 sec after servers are on and Elf Overseers are already killed xD This is the reason I suggest it :D
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Thank you for the answer! It is really great ;D
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I would say the hardest monster to complete bestiary are:

  1. Midnight Panther.gif Midnight Panther: not so much for the amount needed (only 5), but for the difficulty of finding the creature
  2. Sight of Surrender.gif Sight of Surrender: these creatures are very difficult to kill due to their high number of hit points and armor / resistance.
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2 bad you dont want to elaborate cuz I would like to have some thorough answers ^^ It would make my question more complete so to speak. Also I could award with "Best answer" to the one that actually has the best answer. You seem to have some good information on hand, but its your choice Nixcomander :)
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i alredy gave all the information needed its just matter of someone making a good answer with the list i gave also can use tibiadraptor as reference since they have a complete bestiary information, just need to ask yourself "what is dificult to complete even for a high level person?" and that will do it hope someone gets interested
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Hmm, sry but a bestiary that you can complete during a normla hunt will never be harder than sight of surrender