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I do not see the option to buy 10 days of premium on my profile. I've heard that it's possible, so how can I do it? Are there certain qualifications? Here's a chart I found on Tibia: Premium Features (As you can see 10 days isn't an option, so is it possible?):

DurationPrice (including all taxes)
1 month (30 days)EUR 8.90(EUR 8.90 per month)
3 months (90 days)EUR 23.95(EUR 7.98 per month)
6 months (180 days)EUR 42.55(EUR 7.09 per month)
12 months (360 days)EUR 74.50(EUR 6.21 per month)

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This option was introduced into the game to encourage new players to test the full range of abilities while having premium account for a small price. 

It was announced in 2015 in this news:


Our brand new starterkit might be the solution for you:

  • It is a one time offer to get 10 days of premium time for only 2.95* Euros.
  • It is only available via the Webshop, which you can access via your account management page.
  • It is only available for an account that has never had Premium Time before.

* the price of this starterkit may vary with time

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This option is just for new players and only one time per acc. If you buy pacc for more one time you can't do it.