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Is there any Achievements that you can get from doing certain monsters or when getting a certain amount of monsters done?

Or is there any at all? :)

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According to my sources, there are 26 achievements points in total when unlocking creatures in the Bestiary. Here's a list of achievements and their descriptions with the points.

  • Contender 3 points - Obtainable by unlocking 10 medium monsters in the Cyclopedia.
  • Hunting Permit 3 points - Obtainable by fully unlocking any monster in the Cyclopedia.
  • Little Adventurer 3 points - Obtainable by unlocking 10 easy monsters in the Cyclopedia.
  • Little Big Adventurer 2 points - Obtainable by unlocking 100 easy monsters in the Cyclopedia.
  • Master Hunter 6 points - Obtainable by unlocking 100 hard monsters in the Cyclopedia.
  • Serious Contender 4 points - Obtainable by unlocking 100 medium monsters in the Cyclopedia.
  • Skilled Hunter 5 points - Obtainable by unlocking 10 hard monsters in the Cyclopedia.




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Awesome, thanks :D