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Never really played much on Rookgaard, where some people play all the time and making high levels. I was wondering what would be the best equipment which I can get on Rookgaard?

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In my opinion the best way to play in Rook is to play as a knight, so I'll list the items with meelee weapons

Helmet: Legion Helmet (Arm 4)
Armor: Chain Armor (Arm 6)
Legs: Studded Legs (Arm 2)
Boots Leather Boots (Arm 1)
Shield:: Copper Shield (Def 19)
Weapons: Mace or Katana (both 16 Atk, Mace is Def 11 and Katana is Def 12+1)
Amulets: Silver Amulet (+10% earth protection with 200 charges) (Even though you can have Bronze Amulet and Garlic Necklace, they are useless in Rookgaard once that no creature deals Mana Drain and Life Drain)
Rings: Star Ring (Life regeneration for 10 minutes when your not hungry)

All these items you can obtain through quests except Mace and Leather Boots, but you can drop these easily killing Trolls and Skeletons/Minotaurs
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This is the best obtainable set in Rookgaard from my knowledge too. Any recommendations for necklace, ring, arrow slots?
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Added amulets and rings, thanks!
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You could lvl up a lvl 8 knight and go to the boat in Dawnport and then throw your eq and backpack over to the lvling area of Dawnport. Get the backpack with a lvl 1 char and take that lvl 1 char to Rook. Thus the best eq in rook would be:

Soldier helmet

Brass armor

Brass legs

Steel sheild

Jagged sword

Leather boots
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Is this still possible?
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No, they fixed this "bug" quite fast. But there is still many brass sets on rook, that are sold and bought for big amounts of money :)
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There were other bugs regarding equipment in Rookgaard like when people would rook themselves from main with equipment as well :o