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what are the items that can be found only after an update or world reset and where it can be found?

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I dont know much about rare respams, but  here are the ones I know:

-  Vial of manafluid: you can get it in yalahar (in the dark magicians left tower)

- Vial of lifefluid in venore

- Filigree statue in venore

- Dew kiss flower (I never picked it up, but I heard some ppickable ones spam in oramond when there are resets).
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Your answer looks good but I wish u could say where u can find this items like vial of lifefluid is in venore but where in venore?
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Some items are spawned on updates or world reset , for example in big updates there is a item called Balloon Cloth 
which is nice for deco and some people pay more than 20kk for it. 

It can be found on Oramond , in the city of Rathleton. 
Exactly here:

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Didn’t knew about this one :) will try to get one in the next update/reset
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Same, gonna try with next rest/update.