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I remember times when knowing how to bake Bread in Tibia was a rare skill smiley 

Do you know what are all the foods that we can cook by ourselves?

(Please don't include Hot Cuisine dishes)

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There's already a question about drinks here- https://www.tibiaqa.com/6412/what-drinks-can-i-prepare-in-tibia?show=6412#q6412 And then one specifically about cookies/cakes, but I can see how a full list is helpful- https://www.tibiaqa.com/6413/what-types-of-cookies-cakes-can-i-bake-in-tibia?show=6413#q6413

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Chocolate Cake

Filled Milk Churn


 Party Cake




Cake - Tibia Wiki

Chocolate Cake - Tibia Wiki

Filled Milk Churn - Tibia Wiki

Gingerbreadman - Tibia Wiki

Party Cake - Tibia Wiki

Stockfish - Tibia Wiki

Bread - Tibia Wiki

Cookie - Tibia Wiki

There are dishes that according to Tibiawiki are not edible. However it can be done.

"Inedible These are in-game foods that cannot be eaten. They are usually ingredients for creating other edible foods."

Comidas - Tibia Wiki

 Baking Tray (With Dough)

Baking Tray (With Reed)

Reed Balls

Baking Tray (With Dough) - Tibia Wiki

Baking Tray (With Reed) - Tibia Wiki

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Heya! You can also add cookies and onion cookies! :)
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I just searched for a page related to cooked food and added what was there, but I'll edit it, thanks for the info.