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I read in some board about this, but what do you think a chance to choose one of 2 possibilitiesi lvl 300? A new motivation for high levels. 

Like a taunt knight if can use powerful defensive itens, and make the utamo tempo viable in a hunt,

with a weak attack.

or a beserker knight if can be a use powerful boost itens and a new magics, with weak defense.

or elemental or support druid.

single targert hard paladin or holy paladin.

suicide or control sorcerer.

what do you think and what would they be?

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This topic has been discussed for a long time on official forums (+ an official post with options has been posted by cip aswell here)

So we're discussing second promotion again, sure. I'll bring up my ideas.

I am not going to specify any numbers but only give ideas on possibilities.


We have the two obvious choices of tank and damage dealer. But this seems way too short to define an entire class. Let's dive deeper here.


In my opinion this "sub class" or "specialization" would pretty much keep the role of the current knight. It's focus would be on one handed weapons combined with shields. They would possibly even lose the ability to use two handed weapons as it does not fit the theme of a tank to wield a two handed weapon. Their equipment and possibly even spells also focus around mitigating damage and holding the aggression of the monsters. Spell additions could also include damage mitigation for allies, temporary health/defense buffs and a challenge spell with bigger area of effect.
Equipment resistances could be more extreme than the current ones potentially focusing very hard on one element while taking even bigger disadvantages from others. This already exists but the extent could be way bigger to simply put up a wall.

Damange Dealer

The idea seems simple. Put more damage into the knight while removing some of his defensive prowess. But is it really? If you look at other mmorpgs there are a lot of options. 
The obvious first choice would be to add more powerful spells and/or weapons for this sub class to use. But what if we would give them the option to choose between a single two handed weapon or two one handed weapons? Possible attack speed adjustments depending on weapon type and weight? While the two handed weapon smashes through groups of foes, the "dual wielding" knight could be stronger at single target damage. Why not make "utito tempo" actually increase the tempo? In this category the options seem endless. Since weapon type doesn't actually matter right now in the game there could be differences for these as well (Applies to the tank as well of course). Spell effects for knight spells differ already depending on weapon type (exori ico, exori hur) but they do the same. This could also be included as to what spells actually do.

Supportive knight(?)

Just a short one here. There are party buffing spells already which are (except for the ms one) not being used a lot. Not sure if this would be a great option for an actual sub class or just an addition to the base class and the other options. 
Knights could get the ability to use war chants to buff allies (party members) with different buffs. Offensive buffs like additional damage/skills, defensive buffs like immunity to certain debuffs, cleansing or damage reduction/mitigation and utility buffs like movement speed. Technically even offensive chants similar to the current ground shaker. 


Cipsoft was teasing about a single target focused and an AOE focused paladin second promotion. These make alot of sense and i will also focus on these.

Single target

Not much to say here. Very similar to what paladins used to be and still are if you want to play like this. In my opinion the main focus on this sub class would be on physical, single target damage (as the name says). The use of elemental magic would be restricted to a minimum while increasing the physical damage output. As already mentioned in the Damage part of the knight i think a differentiation in attack speed by weapon type would make sense here. While crossbows could potentially hit way harder, loading up another arrow would be quicker. Combining this with the current state of imbues (specifically critical strikes) you could gamble on the crossbow to land one lethal blow or keep a steady stream of arrows flying in. Potential utility attacks could include pinning down enemies (paralyze or some sort of rooting effect for a short duration).

AOE (Area of effect)

As one could guess, this would focus on dealing with large groups of foes. It could be way more elemental focused and utilize holy damage. Spells could reach from the current divine caldera to a big size rain of arrows type spell (which would function similar to a bomb but with damage pulsating every other turn for a short duration while making the paladin unable to attack[since hes busy channeling his rain of arrows]). Also, as the current sharpshooter is focused on single target damage a different iteration would make a lot of sense. Why not have the paladin shoot arrows at every foe in a set area around the target for a limited(?) duration(similar to diamond arrows tbh but with normal ammunition). 

Since Cip has pretty much implemented these two iterations of the paladin with the implementation of the new conjuring spells, let's try another idea.

Let's throw things

This paladin would mainly focus on using throwing weapons. Since the range would be limited and it would also be able to use a shield it would somewhat act as a semi tank(similar to what paladins do now actually, just better?). The main perks of this sub class would be sustain. It would be well equipped to take on foes in close combat. Self healing and potentially dodging attacks help this class survive in battle. Could be a mixture of both of the above, single target weapon attacks while utilizing the holy element to tear down enemies. 


Honestly, my ideas are similar to the paladin here but lets still take a look. Depending on which sub class you chose you should also focus on certain elements.

Single Target

You wouldn't be limited to only single target as the paladin would be but certainly limited on AOE. The main element here would be death. 
One of the perks of this sub class could be that continuous attacks onto the same target stack up damage. The longer you hit on foe with your attacks, the stronger they become making it specially potent in long boss fights and pvp situations. Additionally buffs to critical damage could be applied via temporal buffing spells or equipment. There could even be an option for a spell similar to the current "heal friend" damaging a specific enemy possibly (partly) ignoring resistances. Of course there would also be finishing type of spells similar to the current Hell's Core or Rage of the Skies. A long cooldown, exhausting spell potentially guaranteeing a critical strike.


Neglecting the death element while focusing on fire and energy. Strong waves and beams, additional runes and maybe even more "UE" type of spells. Very basic, similar to the current form of the sorcerer. The only somewhat exciting thing that comes to my mind at this point would be stronger area controlling abilities. Similar to bomb or wall runes right now these would contest an area the same way but way stronger. If you have ever walked those lava fields in the warzone task area you will know what i mean. Throwing lava on the floor for a short duration could grant a huge tactical advantage in many situations but also put you at high risk of killing yourself if forced to pass through yourself. 


This one has a lot of potential so lets discuss some options. Obviously the healing/supportive type or the damage type druid options exist. But what about a summoner or combat medic? Options are limitless but lets focus on the two obvious ones with a few words to oddball options.


Basically a priest type of druid. Mainly focused on keeping the team / partner alive and fairly weak on his own. Has strong spells to heal and buff allies to survive in combat. Potentially even the option to revive a fallen ally within a very limited time space before they respawn in temple (5-10 after the "you died" screen pops up and before the dead player clicks they respawn button). Also, similar to the current mana shield he could put timely limited shields onto allies with a medium cooldown per player(as some sort of buff/debuff combination. You would not be able to be affected by this effect more than once within a set amount of time). The supportive type would also gain some ability to debuff enemies in different ways. Damage over time effects and paralyzing come to mind first and are probably what this would be pointing at.


This kind of druid would focus on direct damage mainly using the ice and earth element. Mostly focused on AOE damage using waves and runes but also having the option to potentially stack debuffs onto targets. Right now the only element that cant be applied to a player by a player is ice. The freezing effect could stack up on targets and make them take increasingly more damage the colder they are with possibly even having earth damage "break" the freeze for extra damage. The addition of "freezing fields" to increase frost "stacks" and/or a slippery effect to influence movement of players.


As the name already says this sub class would focus on summons. Extending the potential amount and quality of monsters you can summon while also adding the ability heal them could make for an interesting playstyle. 

Combat Medic

This is a weird one. It would use damage to heal allies and himself. Healing depending on the amount of damage dealt. Inferior healing and damage to other sub classes but everything focused on AOE. Another option would be bonding to one person (temporarily OR permanently until changed) and providing a natural bond towards that person. Don't want too put too much thought into this as it is very unlikely something like this would be implemented.

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Supportive knight i think isnt a good idea, people who can hunt every day in 4x party already takes great advantage,
Aoe paladin  will be equal to the current mages in terms of power, i like to see a different thinks, the holy paladin can be a runes and spells in aoe too.
the summoner is a good idea but they would have to see this issue in pvp.