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Many people think that the sorcerers are the weakest today, cause the other classes can make a equal exp in high levels and more profit, and in terms of power is like a druid, but the druids can heal a friend in a hunt and can use paralyse runes in pvp.

I think the sorcerers have a few spells different than druids, a middle heal

The paladins should stay half an hour before the hunt for make a arrows

The high level knights in solo hunt have a middle heal with potions

The druids suffer when the hunts dont make a profit and the knight is horrible in math.

and what do you think is the major shortcomings of each vocation in tibia today?

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Sorcerer: I suppose this start by a thread in the forum about "Make Sorcerer great again". I read alot """ideas""" and well, they are CRAZY in the best cases (Things like more gain of experiences/magic level with Sorcerer or make an upgrade of all damage by 30%) look like they just wanna be the OP vocation in the game and dont want a real balance. I think the people just miss the old times when the sorcerer was the OP vocation in the game. Given some new spells in form of WAVE its the best and balance option I see.

Druid: I hope see anothers ways to do support in the hunts and not only heal.

Paladin: The only "problem" with the arrows is just the time do you need to make it or to ask another paladin. If you put to sell arrows on npc (100x10K) its done, yo dont have more problems.

Knight: Nothing to say.

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Well sorcerer could be at least more necessary, because now in team hunts or duos a druid is a lot better because of healing so maybe a spell to balance that, something with death would be cool... but nothing that it actually need a huge fix :)

Knights are a really good vocation but not being able to use strong manas is really bad during hunts but again not a huge fix, you can still had a lot of profit as long as you carry enough mana potions or if you doesnt care to kill 1 creature at time xD

Paladins became extremely great vocation to profit in lower levels and even as high level but there is the arrow problem as low level it ends too fast and as a high level you need to make them before hunting

I really don’t know what to say about druids, healing and paralyze make them a huge support vocation and they can make big damages using runes just like a sorcerer so I don’t see any problem.
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I'm focusing on lvl 300+

Knights: Worst options for solo exp, pretty high skill cap as they have to lure/ avoid traps/ loot quickly/ execute combos correctly (which is harder on EK than other voc IMO). Pretty annoying at getting bestiary at weaker creatures as they can't just spam AOE runes and kill everything in 1-2 shoots.

Druid: A lot of things to think/do at team hunt, you need to heal three people (knight, paladin if he acts as a secondary blocker and yourself), deal damage, place wild growths etc.

Sorcerers: They complain all the time that they are the weakest vocation but they have a pretty chill role at team hunts compared to druids, solo exp is pretty similar for ED and MS. The biggest drawback is that they cant DUO with RP/EK the way druid can.

Paladins: it's the strongest and best-rounded vocation in Tibia right now, they can work as blockers, damage dealers, have a ton of options for a solo hunt, easiest to solo some bosses without huge waste. For some reason, they complain about how weak paladin is the most. One drawback would be the arrows but to be honest it's not that hard to get some group of ppl that will exchange arrows going or even ask in world chat. Worst case scenario they can use burst arrows for a while.

CipSoft did one brilliant thing to cover a lot of imbalances - bonus exp for 4voc team hunts. This makes each vocation equally important at team hunt and if you are doing your job well you will not have a problem finding people to hunt with. Only thing is which job do you like to do, personally, I don't like playing EK but I enjoy playing ED a lot.

The main differences are in regards to solo / duo hunts.
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Knights: I feel that thier healing doesn't scale well with levels, and actually worse than paladins.

Another issue is the separation in melee skill which causes imbalances after updates.

Paladin: The dependency of pre-creation time of diamond arrowd, which is part of their main source of their AOE damage.

Sorcerer: Should definitely make more damage.

Druids: I must admit that I don't experience with this vocation, and I don't have special insights about further improvement.

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On Knight, if you have a better heal (And the most high heal), where is the places of Druid in Duo/Team hunts?