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We don't want to use defense preys for EK and ED. We can use (DMG boost). I would like to know where we can hunt.

  1. Profit
  2. Exp (only pure exp read max xp)
  3. Mix(some profit + some exp)

Thanks for your replies.

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I don't know the profits that you can make.

But hunts are.

Deathling (Good XP / Bad Profit). 

Cathedral (Good XP / Bad Profit).

Asura Mirror (XP good / Bad Profit )

Falcon Underground 
(Good XP / Good Profit).

Ferumbras Dark Torture Seal (Risk hunt.)
(Good Profit / Bad XP).

Cobra Bastion -1 (Risk hunt) <- I believe this is the best hunt for experience with damage boost.
Good XP / Profit Bad.