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Me and my mate recently got back to Tibia. We're a duo 150EK and 200 ED, currently hunting werewolf-spawn at 1.3kk/h with green stamina. Is there any better place for us to go? That's not too dangerous! :D


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There are plenty of "better" spots!

For maximum experience you could head towards drefia grims! Just take it slow when you start to get a feel for it. 150 ek should be able to take 3 if he doesnt get waved by all of them.

Deeper banuta seems like a good option aswell. You can also get alot of task points there if you haven't finished those already! Remember to use garlic necklaces and potentially necklace of the deep if you happen to find too many medusae.

Upper roshamuul! Some frazzles & silencers, really chill. Just watch out for silencers, if they target druid and his ML gets reduced the knight might be in trouble.

Another possibly viable spot might be the glooth tower just west of oramond city. Just don't take too many golems at the same time and you should be fine.

Vengoth Castle might be another condender but i do not have much experience there, sorry.
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Asura palace, Banuta -2, -3, Medusa Tower, Pits of Inferno (DT + Plague Seal), Draken Walls, Grim reapers Drefia, Elder Wyrm Drefia, Hydras Oramond west