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    How many times have you tried to remain neutral, but the plan was ruined? Despite your efforts, do you always get into trouble and conflicts with other players? Forced to create new character again and again? We have the same problem. How to prevent a situation in which things go badly wrong?

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In my opinion it should not be a big issue as long as you treat other players with respect. There will always be bullies be it in game or in real life. As long as you avoid those you won't get into any sort of trouble.

 Some simple guidelines to avoid them

1. If someone from a war guild tells you to leave, do it. You can ask politely if you can finish your hunt. If his response is aggressive or he declines get over it. Ask how long they will stay or find another spot to hunt at. This may sound like giving in to power abuse and to be honest it is. But to avoid conflict this is probably the most important rule to follow.

2. Do not skull bash. Avoid this at any cost. Your friend just got killed? Sucks. But he will get over it. The loss of experience with all blessings is minimal and he probably did something to piss the other player(s) off. Random PKs in front of thais dp? You can be sure that in 99% of the cases its either people seeking for someone to bully or a war guild doing something. Either case you do not want to get involved. Your noob char just got killed by some seemingly random lvl 80 mage out of nowhere? Well.... you guessed right. Most likely someone looking for trouble. Do. Not. Get. Involved.

3. Try to find a neutral guild. Most servers have them. Even dominated worlds usually have a few tolerated neutral guilds. As long as you give in to the power abuse you are free to play. In these guilds you will also find likely minded players to hunt or do quests with. Once in one of these guilds most of the time the "troublemakers" are more likely to ignore you as well as these guilds are usually treated with respect (you will most likely still get kicked from spawns though).

4. Do not trash talk. If you talk smack about someone that person will be offended by it. He might be friends with someone you don't want trouble with. Goes back to treating people with respect but i wanted to point this out specifically.

Follow these and you should be fine.