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Can I find anywhere information about these things? Are there any statistics provided by CipSoft? laugh

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I down voted your comment because I think it has no relevance to the game.
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Well, in my opinion it has, we make the community. Without us Tibia does not exist. I was wondering what average it is, because i notice many toxic persons on game worlds.
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I upvoted your comment because your opinion does matter to this website. I stand by my original downvote though because I still dont think your question has any relevance or is helpful

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I couldn't find anything official published by CipSoft. I thought there might be details in old featured articles but all the stats are related to stuff in game that I was able to find.

If you want a very unofficial ballpark according to my YouTube statistics, views on my channel are 0.7% female and 99.3% male.

18–24 years 10.5%
25–34 years 88.1%
35–44 years 1.2%
45–54 years 0.2%
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How many viewers do You have?
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In the period for the above statistics, 52,000 views.
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You can find statistics on gender in Tibia on a popular fansite here: https://guildstats.eu/census If you want to know about gender ratio in a specific world here's another link to the fansite: https://guildstats.eu/worlds please note these statistics only are based off a characters gender and not the gender on a players account.

I cannot find a fansite that has age statistics and I checked every fansite I could, not sure if this is provided to any fansite at the moment based on research. I know sometimes in the news Tibia will post statistics but it's been a while, here's an article I found about age dated in 2016: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=3720&fbegind=12&fbeginm=3&fbeginy=2001&fendd=11&fendm=4&fendy=2020&flist=11111111

"In 2015, the average Tibia player was born around 1990. This is still valid for today. So the average Tibia player in 2016 is around 26, one year older than last year."

..So going off of this article I would guesstimate an average age for the Tibia player must be around 30 now.

I also found an old poll which isn't very reliable because not a lot of players participate in polls and it's outdated but I'll share it here anyway:

"In the year 2005, we have already asked in a poll how old players were back then. Over 60 % of poll participants in 2005 said that they were between 15 and 19.

In our customer survey of 2011, there was also the question how old participants were. Over 60 % of participants of this survey then were between 16 and 21.

And then in 2012 a poll 29.84 % 19-21 years, 25.06 % were 22-24 years, 20.46 % were 16-18 years, 7.68 % were 25-27 years .."


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Worth mentioning that the stats on Guildstats only show the gender of Tibia characters. They are not representative of actual gender of players.
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Tibia is a relatively old game with graphics not so good in relation to other games that appear today. Apart from these factors, although it seems simple, the gameplay of the game is of medium-difficult level and besides all this there is a lot of rivalry and there is little space for novice players, which means that the game does not attract people with "young age" (for example between 8-17 years). What I mean is that the Tibia community is made up of old players, the vast majority of whom take into account that the game is over 20 years old, so you can have a little idea about the average age of the players. Despite the large number of players being male, there is also the female community that is very united within the game. Currently I do not know if somewhere on tibia.com makes the average age of players / sex official would be something interesting to know but in summary it would be something similar to what I answered here