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Primarily opinion based

This question has been marked as opinion based, which means that it is mainly looking for player opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise.
Imagine that you are the owner of Tibia or an important CEO, what would you change? What do you think Tibia needs to improve at or to expand to make it better?

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I would focus on three things:

1) Addition of servers with more diverse forms to play Tibia: Another "Retro" PvP, but with older PvP settings, a "slower" server (one where there is not any kind of experience boost, neither any option to buy it on stores, except for the ones obtained on world events), a "fast" server (with permanent double experience, just like Aurera and Aurea used to be, and all boosts are liberated) and a non-restricted world (one where weapons and runes got no level restriction, just like the old times used to be). I would maintain the regular servers that we have today, however, and allow people that like to buy xp boosts and etc be able to use it.

2) Reformulation on how new additions shall be implemented and a very meticulous revision on newer areas and sprites added on the past few year: Some new content for me is just poorly conceived/childish (like the new grooves inserted on Mainland. They look awful with the natural vegetation and were a very bad insertion to the lore... I'm ok with stones and trees that talk, but they seem to me very unfitting for the Tibian lore) and not to mention some new monsters that basically utilizes old sprites with "modded" stats and names (mino cults do not match with the Mintwallin design, I would review the whole dungeon and AT LEAST change the color of the powerful mino cults mobs... It feels so poor the way that they designed, copying regular sprites...).

3) Complete renewal of the Free Account settings and addition of new fun and/or interesting spells for all vocations, and at the same time, a change on how spells are adjusted to every vocation (for example, why knights can't have more spells regarding their shielding capabilities since early on? They could lose their cure poison spell however and have the need to use cure poison runes... We could talk about things regarding it all day long). Situational and fun spells like the one that had Sorcs enchanting Staffs were cool to see at least, and had a very situational use. This specific change would be vital, since we need to attract new players and call back the old ones to this game, so I would try to apply any kind of attempt to add more stuff to all vocation (like a second promotion or anything else)

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My personal answer

The changes I would do:

- Improve Market system developing an app Mobile for making it easier to buy and sell and for getting a biggest and dynamic market.

- I would delete all quest spoilers since I loved when a long time ago if you wanted to solve a quest you should speak to npcs solving puzzle and reading books in order to find clues, thats was the true essence of quests.

- I would do more world events and bosses like Orshaball , more raids , world contests for fun...etc

- I also would improve the sprites of some Items that are getting older , making it with finer shapes and improving the client, with new modern bars or making it more clear.

- All house equipment and outfits make it cheaper , actually I think so things on store are so so expensive since things like a deco item could cost around 900TC (around 32kk on tibia gold coins) and thats is too much , much ppl cant afford that amount.

- More houses, in almost all cities the houses are all ocuppied, many of them by retired people that is only paying premmium to hold the house, I think there is enough space for creating new houses, also I would improve the image of the houses , some of them are so poor,

- I would make powerabuse system ilegal since I think this completely ruins the experience of some people in no pvp servers and force them to leave the server or in some cases they force to ppl to stop playing Tibia.

What do you think guys? what changes needs Tibia ?

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Probably I would change the map, making a very huge update with many more hunt areas so everyone can hunt without waiting like 2 hours for a respwn.

The other thing I think It would be cool os adding another vocation to make Tibia more dymanic and adding a Big amount of posibilities to the Gameplay.
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The first change might be going back to old magic walls and old Wildgrowth like it is now on pvp worlds , Also I would activate again the rope system for monsters that make its sometimes funny and useful for traps and maybe more events and boss raids.
In addition an app for mobile could be nice to control market , chat with the VIP , and last I think more outfits and addons by quests and not by payment of tibiaCoins.