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Besides the menancing egg and ferumbras hat, what are the most expensive items obtained within the game? Rumor has it that item has been sold for 800kk, I wanted to know what are other items that can be obtained through bosses or quests and which bosses are they

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I searched others

Hammer of Prophecy 200kk+    boss: The Last Lore Keeper
key to knowledge 80-120kk       boss: The Last Lore Keeper
The devileye 100kk+(?)                boss: Morgaroth
amazon armor 120-150kk           orc warlord in raid: thais or femor hills
amazon shield 180kk+                  orc warlord in raid: carlin

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From recent additions the Falcon items come to mind first. Greaves sell for around 100-120kk on Antica.

Gnome items, mostly the legs, are also still very expensive ranging from 60-100kk.

Also rare boss drops such as the library ticket, elemental spikes, mysterious scroll, thunder hammer or the devileye score high prices depending on demand.

Other than that there are some items that only spawn after floor resets such as balloon cloth vary a lot in price. Obtainable items do not score those extremely high prices (anymore) since most of them can be farmed with ease (except for those you mentioned already + the other red/green egg, the third one).
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alright  100kk-120kk is max of drop itens x.x
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Buy to other players:
Blessed Shield
Game Master Doll
Red Rose Shield
Winged Helmet
Dragon Scale Legs
Horn Helmet
Golden Helmet
Magic Long Sword

Library Ticket
Mysterious Scroll
Crackling Egg
Falcons Items
Elemetals Spike

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As I remember:

Library Ticket - 300K+

Mysterious Scroll - 250K+

Crackling Egg - 180K+
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Another item with big price are NEW fansite items, but this depends of how much items are in game and how look the item. In general a new item can be sold by 180K+.
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very good :D