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I wonder how can I inflict the lowest possible amount of elemental damage to a creature, without using a weapon,. I'm asking this for a purpose of completing bestiary on a single mob, with a lot of people. I can't do any damage with melee and I don't want to rise my weapon skills.

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You could use either poison field, fire field, or energy field runes (in that order) if the creature will take damage from them. Poison field will do 5 damage, fire field 10 damage, and energy field 25 damage. Multiple people can shoot these field runes to get their participation. The longer the creature lives the more damage you will do obviously because of the damage over time.
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I believe Wands/Rods replicas can be used by any vocation. You can deal energy damage with a wand and ice damage with a rod. Most of the time I do around 5~6 damage (MS 600+). They can be purchased on Sundays in Thais MotA, 500 gp each.