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I was doing a search on a page about Chief Grarkharok NPC and found a note about him: "Note: If you take the body of a frog or a snake, and put it in your backpack and say" yes ", it will eat this. "

I would like to know which NPCs I can feed since this is possible I believe there are more.

Chief Grarkharok - Tibia Wiki

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There is a Chakoya called Sinatuki that can be feed too, as a matter of fact feeding him it's a quest.

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Yes, it's a start, thanks for the information.
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There is an NPc located in svargrond that can also be powered and is part of a mission.

NPC A Starving Dog- He is needed for the Norseman Outfits Quest. You should tell him: Sniffler. Meat. 

A Starving Dog - Tibia Wiki