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I'm looking for items in the city of kazordoon to decorate a little house without spending a lot, I already have quest items, but I would like to know if in this city I can get items from daily respws.

NOTE: I know that it is possible to transport items from other cities, however, I only want items that I can obtain in Kazordoon not to bring from other cities.

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A pushable Coal Basin that isn't like the ones you buy from the NPC. There are 4 of these Basins located in each corner of The Jolly Axeman Tavern which is located in Kazordoon where Maryza and Jimbin sell food and drinks. And also the NPC Grodrik. I marked each basin located on the Tibia Wiki Mapper here and also in the image below:

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I already knew this item, but I only went to one place, I didn't know I could get more elsewhere, thanks for the information.
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Where did you find the other ones?
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I've always been just to the south, never imagined or looked elsewhere. thanks
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If you're looking for death themed house decoration, there are dead bodies which won't decay in Kazordoon :)

Dragon corpse in this place: https://tibiamaps.io/map#32601,31889,12:1

Deer, Troll, Bear, Cyclops corpses here: https://tibiamaps.io/map#32643,31906,7:1

There are also some items that are respawning daily in Kazordoon:

  • A Chest with 39 Gold Coins, a Blank Rune and a Sword can be found on the room of the solitary Bonelord.
  • A Small Ruby and other small gems can be taken from the walls in some deeper dwarf guard levels in the mines.
  • 18 Wheat and 15 Flour (3 on the floor and 12 inside Bags) spawn near the wheat fields.
  • 8 Fish can be found at the start of the river, after the elevator.
  • 1 meat, an inkwell and a Rope spawn in the emperor's room.

Daily Respawns | TibiaWiki | Fandom

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I'm not looking specifically for a decoration theme, just items I can find in Kazordoon. It's a start thanks for the tip.
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I updated my answer - added daily Kazordoon respawn items