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In my opinion eye is the symbol which appears often in game. Let's take as an example Bonelord Shield Bonelord Shield.

What are all items with eye(s) in its sprite?

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Items with eye's in its sprite:

Dragon Eye*Dragon Eye.gif
Eye of the Storm²Eye Of The Storm.gif
Eye Pod³Eye Pod.gif
Sekeletal CabinetSkeletal Cabinet.gif
Skeletal ChairSkeletal Chair.gif
Skeletal TableSkeletal Table.gif
Crudel Umbral SpellbookCrude Umbral Spellbook.gif
Umbral SpellbookUmbral Spellbook.gif
Umbral Master SpellbookUmbral Master Spellbook.gif
Nightmare ShieldNightmare Shield.gif
Eye KeyEye Key.gif

*You can both obtain by trading 20 Silver Raid Tokens Silver Raid Token.gif to JorgeJorge.gif.

²Dropped by Ocyakao.

³Dropped by Gaz'haragoth, Omrafir, Prince Drazzak.

There are several items which are eye's:

Boneloard EyeBonelord Eye.gif
Sigt of Surrender's EyeSight of Surrender's Eye.gif
Giant EyeGiant Eye.gif
Tentugly's EyeTentugly's Eye.gif
Eye of CorruptionEye of Corruption.gif
Spying EyeSpying Eye.gif
Single Human EyeSingle Human Eye.gif
 Quara EyeQuara Eye.gif
Elder Bonelord TentacleElder Bonelord Tentacle.gif
Eye of a WeeperEye of a Weeper.gif
Srezz' eyeSrezz' Eye.gif
Tanjis' SightTanjis' Sight.gif
Dracola's EyeDracola's Eye.gif
Compound EyeCompound Eye.gif

Monsters with "eye" in their names:

  • A greedy eye
  • An Observer Eye
  • Deadeye Devious
  • Eye of the Seven
  • Rateye Ric
  • Srezz Yellow Eyes
  • The Evil Eye

Items which have eyes (there are several more, just added a few):

  • Bunnyslippers
  • Filthy Bunnyslippers
  • Vampire Silk Slippers
  • Yetislippers
  • Demon Backpack
  • Expedition Backpack
  • Minotaur Backpack
  • Raccoon Backpack
  • Wolf Backpack
  • Panther Head
  • Black Skull
  • Several Dolls
  • Bonelord Helmet
  • ...
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You should ad skeletal set from Tibia store.
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Thanks! I added them :)
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Don’t want to be a pain, but also umbral spellbooks :D nightmare shield, key eyes, (only eyes, no faces)