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In situation where 2 players or more has exactly the same score, to whom highest score title is allocated to? Or is it all of them receiving this title? Question with relations to following titles:

- Legend of Fishing 

- Legend of Magic

- Legend of the Marksmanship 

- Legend of the Axe

- Legend of the Club

- Legend of the Sword

- Prince/ Princess Charming 

- Jack of all taints

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Whichever character has the highest skill progression towards the next skill level receives the title.

From Skerio:
"The position in the highscore does not determine who gets the title (if there are several people who rank first), instead, this is, as mentioned, determined by the actual skill progress. Naturally, there might be instances where somebody is ranked first alphabetically and has the title, but that's because their skill is the highest, not because they are first alphabetically."

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39134378#post39134378
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I also managed to confirm this myself a couple of days ago