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Excluding monsters which are boss mechanics or summons of the monster, which creatures does not drop any loot at all?
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  • Agressive ChickenAggressive Chicken
  • Ancient Lion Archermonster, Ancient Lion Warlockmonster, Lion Archermonster, Lion Commandermonster, Lion Knightmonster, Lion Warlockmonster
  • Hardened Usurper Archermonster, Hardened Usurper Knightmonster, Hardener Usurper Warlockmonster
  • Butterflymonstermonstermonster
  • Catmonster
  • Dogmonster, Wild Dogmonster, Huskymonster, Modified Gnarlhoundmonster
  • Bog Frogmonster, Green Frogmonster
  • Fishmonster, Northern Pikemonster, Slippery North Pikemonster
  • Seagullmonster, Parrotmonster, Cave Parrotmonster, Pigeonmonster
  • Adventurermonster, Angry Adventurermonster, Thiefmonster
  • Horse (Brown)monster, Horse (Dark Brown)monster, Horse (Grey)monster, Wild Horsemonster
  • White Deermonster
  • Bonny Bunnymonster
  • Redeemed Soulmonster
  • Damaged Crystal Golemmonster
  • Snakemonster, Spider (Retro)monster, Bug (Retro)monster, Insect Swarmmonster, Giant Spider (Retro)monster
  • Dwarf Henchmanmonster
  • Little Corym Charlatanmonster, Spyratmonster
  • Squidgy Slimemonster, Slimemonster, Son of Verminormonster, Ravenous Lava Lurkermonster
  • Flying Bookmonster
  • Fire Elementalmonster, Furious Fire Elementalmonster, Raging Firemonster
  • Hibernal Mothmonster, Lacewing Mothmonster
  • Gryphonmonster
  • Mirror Imagemonster
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