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I know snakes drop nothing, of course summons now disappear...but what else drops just nothing? I think my hopes is to see if there's a certain type of creature that simply doesn't like to drop loot.

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  • Agressive ChickenAggressive Chicken
  • Ancient Lion Archermonster, Ancient Lion Warlockmonster, Lion Archermonster, Lion Commandermonster, Lion Knightmonster, Lion Warlockmonster
  • Hardened Usurper Archermonster, Hardened Usurper Knightmonster, Hardener Usurper Warlockmonster
  • Butterflymonstermonstermonster
  • Catmonster
  • Dogmonster, Wild Dogmonster, Huskymonster, Modified Gnarlhoundmonster
  • Bog Frogmonster, Green Frogmonster
  • Fishmonster, Northern Pikemonster, Slippery North Pikemonster
  • Seagullmonster, Parrotmonster, Cave Parrotmonster, Pigeonmonster
  • Adventurermonster, Angry Adventurermonster, Thiefmonster
  • Horse (Brown)monster, Horse (Dark Brown)monster, Horse (Grey)monster, Wild Horsemonster
  • White Deermonster
  • Bonny Bunnymonster
  • Redeemed Soulmonster
  • Damaged Crystal Golemmonster
  • Snakemonster, Spider (Retro)monster, Bug (Retro)monster, Insect Swarmmonster, Giant Spider (Retro)monster
  • Dwarf Henchmanmonster
  • Little Corym Charlatanmonster, Spyratmonster
  • Squidgy Slimemonster, Slimemonster, Son of Verminormonster, Ravenous Lava Lurkermonster
  • Flying Bookmonster
  • Fire Elementalmonster, Furious Fire Elementalmonster, Raging Firemonster
  • Hibernal Mothmonster, Lacewing Mothmonster
  • Gryphonmonster
  • Mirror Imagemonster
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  • Ravenous Lava Lurker
  • Slime
  • Snake
  • different kind of Butterflies
  • Parrot
  • Fire Elemental
  • Green Frog
  • Insect Swarm

... also a lot of monsters which you have to kill during fights with bosses.

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Don't Lava Lurkers / Ravenous Lava Lurkers drop enchanted rubies?
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Ofc they (Lava Lurkers) do, corrected. According to some WIKIs Ravenous verision has no loot.
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Lava Lurkers and Ravenous Lava Lurkers from warzone 456 areas, we sure got more, but they come to mind from the top of my head
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Hi game mate,

FIRST CONSIDERATION: I'm going to add some links from external resources. I'm not responsible of that content.

I can try to give you a technical answer to that. But my answer depends on an outdated database. Basically you can figure out the list of creatures with no drop following these steps, but it's not accurate:

1.- Go to the free Tibia wiki API offered in this page: Tibiawiki.dev

2.- Go to the endpoint /creatures. Click the button Try it out.

3.- Set the expand attribute to true and click on the button Execute

4.- Download the response by clicking on the Download button that appear over the results (right-down side).

5.- Open the file downloaded, copy all the content and paste it in this page (left-top panel): Online JSON Query Tool

6.- On the right panel use the following JSON query (using JSONPath tutorial) string (just copy/paste it): $[?(@.loot.length==0)].actualname

7.- The Result panel will show you the creatures without loot.


  • These results are based on data extrated from tibia wiki page. Maybe they are wrong and outdated. That depends on when they were updated for the last time.
  • If you want more accurate results, you can go to the official tool page, download the code and run it by yourself: TibiaWikiAPI
  • Of course, as said, it's not my page neither my application. I'm not responsible of what could happen making use of that tool.

Examples of outdated data: the first result is Phantasm. If you check now this creature in the tibia wiki page, it has loot.

I hope it can help you a bit :)


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Hello and thanks for posting this! While this info may be useful for someone, it seems like a loooong recipe to compile the final list yourself, rather than an answer to this question.
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Hi game mate,

First of all, thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated :)

Well, IMHO if we want a complete and accurate response we should unlock all the bestiary and check creature by creature. If we don't want to do this, then we need to trust the information of the wiki places and gather it manually. Finally if we don't want to gather it manually, we should automate it. This is what I offered.

Moreover the option I posted allows the user to clarify other doubts like: which creatures have improved fire damage? or: which creatures have more than 1000 hp? It's a matter of playing a bit with the resources posted (and trust on the information of the wiki if you don't gather your own information ;)).

Sorry for not being able to answer explicitly.

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You're really smart so I love the thinking that went into your answer. I do apologize however I am a little lazy when it comes to doing research like this myself so I don't see myself ever attempting to try to do it because I'd probably do it wrong. Your out of the box thinking makes you one of a kind and I appreciate your response and I will give thought to this in the future. Thanks again! + I'm sure others will benefit from your response as well.
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Hi, I'm the maker over the TibiaWikiApi you are referencing in this answer. Thanks for mentioning it :) I'm glad it has a use for some people (besides my own projects).

Just to clarify on the 'outdated data' part. Actually what you find via tibiawiki.dev is not outdated (except for a caching of maximum 30 minutes by Wikia/Fandom). The example of 'phantasm' you mentioned is caused by the following:
- if you query the json for actualname == phantasm with an empty loot array, you will actually find the creature  https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Phantasm_(Weak) which has the same 'actualname' attribute as normal Phantasms, but holds no loot.

Thanks again for referencing my tool, if you have any feature requests or improvement suggestions, please let me know!