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For example, Ferumbras Mortal Shell Ferumbras Mortal Shell and Ferumbras Mortal Shell Ferumbras both wear a Ferumbras' HatFerumbras Hat on their image. What other creatures wear the items that they drop?

& Maybe I'm talking moreso equipment rather than the obvious lightweights. For instance, demons drop demon horns and it's known that demons have horns. I know a lot of creatures don't drop the items they wear. Like InfernalistInfernalists aren't wearing a Spellbook of Mind Control Spellbook of Mind Control in their image even though they drop it :)

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Oh indeed, there is huge ammount of creatures that drops items (equipment) they wear and even more creatures, that has visible it's creature products on it's sprites. For example Sparkion was completely divided into creature products representing parts of his bosy. Not enough room to show all of examples :D

I'll try to add some of mosters that are still interesting but weren't shown before:

Our old "friend" Orc Spearman  has visible Spear  in the sprite,

Ogre Brute (as well as Animated Ogre Brute) or Ogre Ruffian drops Ogre Klubba ,

Ogre Shaman and Ogre Sage wears wisible Shamanic Talisman ,

Moohtant (also Animated Moohtant, Bullwark or Moohtant Wallbreaker)   drops Moohtant Cudgel ,

Mooh'Tah Warrior wears and drops Cowtana ,

Glooth Golem (also Glooth Fairy) has visible Glooth Injection Tube on his back ,

Draken Warmaster used to fight with his Zaoan Halberd , which you can loot from him,

Barbarian Brutetamer wears both Mammoth Fur Cape and Brutetamer's Staff ,

Enlightened of The Cult wears and drops Cultish Mask ,

Island Troll fights with his Marlin

Diabolic Imp (also The Imperor  holds Pitchfork

... and finally Merlkin is using his Banana Staff during fight.

Fire_Dragon mentioned about deeplings, but there's an analogy with Deathlings, which have very similar sprites. I have to mention, that high class lizards and Lizards Chosen wear huge ammount of their own creature products (included parts of weapons).

I think there is still a lot of creatures to add :)

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  •  He has a  Pillow Backpack in his back!
  • Grand Master Oberon seems to be wearing: 
  •  Deepling Elite / Deepling Warrior:  Warrior's Axe and  Warrior's Shield
  •  Deepling Guard / Deepling Tyrant:  Guardian Axe
  •  Deepling Spellsinger / Deepling Master Librarian:  Deepling Staff
  •  Deepling Scout:  Heavy Trident
  •  Grim Reaper:  Scythe
  •  Blue / Green Djinn: Dirty Turban
  •  Marid:  Noble Turban
  •  Dwarf Geomancer:  Geomancer's Staff
  •  Lost Husher:  Lost Husher's Staff,  Skull Shatterer
  •  Lost Thrower:  Helmet of the Lost,  Broken Throwing Axe
There are many more out there, but I'll leave those to someone with more available time to search through.... This would be too big of an answer