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Since the introduction of the charms in the game, most of them have become very useful and beneficial for regular hunts in many ways. As an example by providing us bonus effect in offensive and defensive ways against the creatures. I was wondering if I can use charms to my advantage in PvP situations. I am looking for an overview of all charms with examples of how and where they can be used.

I chose those two charms as an example:

Dodge Charm. - In situations when strong creatures are being pulled on me. Example for this could be Roshamuul and Elite Skeletons (Deep Desert) etc

Cleanse Charm - This I would say is arguably the best charm for PvP. If someone used a Soulfire Rune on you (or Utori spells) you can use the Cleanse Charm on a Fire Elemental. After that you summon your own Fire Elemental and attack a second summon of yourself. When the Fire Elemental hits you, you have a certain chance to lose any status effects you have on yourself. This works for Sorcerers and Druids, the other vocations have to put the charm on monsters that are around them to heal those conditions.

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As you mentioned already the Cleanse charm is the best PvP charm as it can allow you to remove Soulfire, other damage over time affects, paralyze, etc.

Dodge could be helpful if you are being trapped with other creatures as you already stated.

The only charm you didn't mention that could also be helpful is Adrenaline Burst. If you are running through a spawn and have this charm on a creature it would give you a large boost of speed and could help you maneuver/escape.