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On the website, it refers us to submit a ticket by logging onto our account. However is it possible to email Tibia if I don't have a login or am too lazy to log on? If so, what are all the specific emails for technical, support, or fansite-related inquires...etc. I'm assuming this isn't the preferred way to get in touch with them if it's possible.

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Email addresses taken from Tibia.com website: https://www.tibia.com/account/index.php?subtopic=redirectlogin&redirect=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tibia.com%2Faccount%2F%3Fsubtopic%3Daccountmanagement%26page%3Dtickets%26step%3Dcreateform

  • General Support: support@tibia.com
  • Technical Support: tech@cipsoft.com
  • Payment Support: payments@cipsoft.com
  • Fansite Programme: fansites@tibia.com

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How are you able to see the email addresses from the website after being logged in it took me to create a ticket and they arent there :(
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I went following path(not logged in with my account)- Main Web --> Click on "Cipsoft" (under TIBIA logo in Top left corner)---> click on "Contact".
When you logged in, it goes directly to their internal form where you can choose what you want to enquiry.
Normally Companies has simple and visible" Contact us" option with disclosed information's about company and possible ways of contacting- like phone number, emails or letterbox.
Imagine what would happen if there would a phone number............. I would feel sorry for anyone holding customer service role and speak with anyone calling there (I already feel sorry for Rejana, Mirande and Skerio when I see some of the posts on forums).
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support@tibia.com - For "ticket" related queries, I wrote to that e-mail asking for my achievement progress and received a reply.

fansites@tibia.com - For fansites related queries

I cannot find any e-mail for technical support, they advise to raise a support ticket. However, I think you could try e-mailing contact@cipsoft.com, so they could just forward your e-mail to relevant Team.