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Is the raid of The Abomination somehow announced or perhaps I will need to check all the possible locations regularly for Abominable Spawn?
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The same question has already been asked before. In order to keep the TibiaQA question base clean, we marked this question as a duplicate and closed it to any new answers. This does not mean the question was wrong - we are just making it easier for future users to find the answers they need by linking the duplicated question.
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You already asked a very similar question, the answer of such question answers this question as well:
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Yes, originally I was asking for world notification (server message)- where I did not receive any reply despite you updated Tibiawiki at some point (yes, I was checking it) and then I I asked about the Raid notification on the map as I was wondering is it happening like with Ferumbras. Hmm
But if you flagging can you flag this https://www.tibiaqa.com/25596/how-to-make-the-fragment-of-cloths-colourfull as duplicate as I cant? ;x
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In your previous question (the one I linked in my comment), you asked if you would get an early raid notification on Cyclopedia map before the actual raid message. Since you know there is a message for The Abomination raid, I don't see a reason for you to ask this question.
By the way, the other question was answered with "you will only be notified about it [at] the moment it occurs".
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There is nothing wrong with asking a question you already know the answer to and answering it yourself to share knowledge with others. It is listed here https://www.tibiaqa.com/answering-own-questions. I do believe this question is a duplicate though as the other question already includes the information about there being a message when the raid starts.

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Unfortunately I couldn't double check this information but this is what I've gathered by watching people killing it and asking around:

  • A server message is sent 15 minutes after the server save saying "Something abnominale is rising! Search for its spawns! Gather an army and destroy this threat!"
  • You'll be able to see it on your Cyclopedia map whenever you log in as a raid notification.
You will however still need to check the spots where Abomination Spawns spawned but with the raid notification at least you are aware they exist somewhere.