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 Is an item needed to receive first addon of Royal Bounacean Advisor outfit. I actually wanted to use this item for Deco, and I was wondering if I can get more than one of those? 

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Yes, you can receive it every 30 days same as Galthen's satche. This has been fixed today. But probably it works only when you didnt fisnish the mission. I have all missions done also with the achievement and i can't get it again.

Jan 25 2022 - 

A few bug fixes and changes have been implemented with today's server save, including: An issue due to which the title "Time Traveller" was sometimes not awarded has been fixed. 

Princess Lumelia can no longer be killed after the Lord Retro boss fight. Balloons have been added to the Cyclopedia. 

Kesar the Younger will now hand out a violet tulip again after 30 days, to account for when the flower has been lost. 

A number of typos have also been fixed.

Source : Tibia.com news ticker

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I just tested it and it works :D
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it's not true. Me and my friend have taken their outfit and finished quest by mains. my friend hasn't finished quest on another character. I have made an achievement.

- he couldn't make a character that doesn't have an attire taken
- I couldn't make the character that I made the achievement
- it worked for a character who has an outfit, finished quest but didn't make the achievement.
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Yeah it only works if you actually lost the tulip or didn’t got the achieve yet…. If you want lots of tulips for decoration you need a char that didn’t have the achieve and get a new tulip every month :D
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It's possible to receive the flower again after 30 days, if you have completed quest, have base outfit but don't make achievement with flower earlier.

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So if you lose it you will never another again?
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right :( i use various option like lost tulip, lost, violet tulip, lost viole tulip blabla and nothing :(