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I was doing some research into temples and noticed the following information on tibia wiki:

"temple is a PZ (protection zone) where players are sent to when they have died or are teleported. Every major city has such a temple. Rookgaard's temple is the only one that's not a PZ, whereas the temple on the Plains of Havoc is the only temple at which players cannot respawn and cannot be teleported to. Apart from these 2 temples, all other temples are also Resting Areas."

As you can see, the Plains of Havoc contains the only temple not located at a city, not respawned to, not a resting place, and cannot be teleported to, which seems very odd to me. 

Is there any lore that explains why the Plains of Havoc has such a temple? 

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As per NPC Oldrak1

Oldrak: My name is Oldrak.
Oldrak: I guard this humble temple as a monument for the order of the nightmare knights.

NPC Oldrak is a Cleric (which would give him power of protecting the temple from undead (his spontaneanus speech is Beware of the undead approaching this temple!), and is involved in few quests, therefore PZ. However, I strongly believe it was also strategic decision- in old days PoH was one of most dangerous places for the players. Dragons, Giant Spider... undead Army surrounding you...Not to mention raids with Banshee and GS. Cipsoft gave a chance for the players to escape- and even with it, PoH had lots of victims (when going to hunt or explore, you would always find some dead bodies of the players- usually next to the temple). 

Worth to mention that PoH seems to be Druids/Clerics residue/meeting place at some point of the past- you can find evidence in the book The Plains of Havoc2, Holy Tible can be found there3, as also the buildings like Abandoned Monastery 4

Another temple, where you cannot respawn and is kind of similar to this would be Halls of Hope. 

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